Mark Pipher
Interactive Design Director

About Mark

Mark Pipher is a Los Angeles based designer, musician + artist exploring the limits of interface design, technology and sound.


A short time after I completed art school, the web as we know it today began to emerge as a platform for publishing content and, well, marketing. Drawn in by the allure of interactivity, I jumped at the opportunity to apply my newly acquired graphic design skills to things that could be clicked, scrolled, animated and programmed. The thought of my work potentially being used by - and providing value to - an audience of millions was incredibly exhilarating. Twenty-two years later, I am still designing products, interfaces and experiences for screens big and small: websites, apps, sound generators, generative art and the occasional 16-foot wide interactive glass display.

Doing the same thing for so many years becomes a bit mundane, as you might imagine. This has driven me to seek out unique opportunities to innovate, experiment and create work that’s both inspiring and useful. It also pushes me to never stop learning and acquiring new skills that I can apply to my art. And being fortunate enough to combine my passion for design, music, art and programming gives significant meaning to my life and the work I continue to create.


Professional skills

User Interface Design  •  User Experience Design  •  Creative Direction  •  Prototyping  •  Logos & Branding  •  Concept Development  •  Product Strategy  •  Future Vision  •  Marketing  • Photo & Video Shoots  •  User Testing  •  Wireframes  •  User Flows


Other areas of interest

Sound Design  •  Audio Production  •  Guitar + Bass  •  Photography  •  Motion Design  •  Installation Art  •  Generative Art  •  Hardware Engineering  •  Processing  •  Arduino  •  Data Visualization  •  Documentary Films  •  Baseball (Go Cubs)


Brands I've worked with