Mark Pipher
Mark Pipher • Interactive Design

Ford Lincoln Interactive Glass Installation

In 2014, I worked with iconmobile to define the overall user experience, establish the visual style and design the interface and interactions for a 16' x 5' transparent glass multi-touch, multi-user display to launch the all-new 2015 Lincoln MKC at the GITEX Technology Week Exhibition in Dubai.


defined a multi-layered consumer experience  /  designed the UI, backgrounds + interactions  /  crafted a premium animated icon family  /  created the motion graphics style + storyboards

From 50 Feet to Arm's Length

From 50 Feet to Arm's Length

The multi-layered experience needed to communicate effectively whether the screen was viewed from 50 feet away, or was being interacted with at arm's length. Large text and a variety of video backgrounds visible from across the show floor catch attendees' attention and draw them in to the experience.

A Welcoming Experience

A Welcoming Experience

State of the art projection technology developed in-house allowed for rich, eye-catching animations and evolving icons that grab viewers' attention. As they approach the screen, their presence is sensed by the display and welcoming messaging invites them to touch the screen, interact with the glass and learn more about the vehicle. Up to four people could simultaneously use the multi-touch display in one of four interactive zones.

An Interface out of Thin Air

An Interface out of Thin Air

The transparent touchscreen was prominently featured in the Lincoln booth on the show floor at GITEX. The 2015 Lincoln MKC was viewable behind the glass, while users learned about its features, watched videos, swiped through photo galleries and signed up to test drive the vehicle. The transparent glass layer was intended to give the illusion of a "Minority Report" style interface floating in the air in front of the car.