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Mark Pipher • Interactive Design

Red Bull Music Doorman Mobile App


Access to the majority of our Red Bull Music concerts & live events is on an RSVP system, versus purchasing a ticket. Music fans provide a name & email address via the ticketing system on our event pages, and get access to the event on a first come, first serve basis. We needed a system to verify the attendees’ RSVP, check them in and keep the long lines moving efficiently.


Our research, interviews and surveys with field teams in the markets globally revealed overwhelmingly that the various methods they were using to check people in were not efficient or accurate. Paper lists are a pain, they’re never up to date if someone RSVPs at the last minute or while in line, and the process slows everything down to a crawl when attendees want to get inside the venue. The staff working the door also can’t easily judge when the venue is near or at capacity.


We delivered Doorman, a native iOS app for iPad & iPhone that works in tandem with our event RSVP ticketing system, allowing event staff in the field to confirm RSVP's and check in attendees for Red Bull events around the world. I defined the overall user experience & designed the UI for the app, which provides a scrollable & searchable list of people who have RSVPed that’s always up to date. A simple tap checks them in. The app also prominently displays age requirements, the venue’s capacity and how many attendees are inside, so there is never a question about when to cut off check-ins.

What I Did

What I Did

defined the product architecture / conducted user testing / designed the UI, views + interactions / defined best practices for mobile app design

Simple ticketing & check-in

Simple ticketing & check-in

The Doorman app allows event staff working the door each night to easily access the event, locate attendees' names in the list and check them in to the show. Stats screens give insight into key data points for the night.