Mark Pipher
Creative Director / Product UI / UX

Red Bull Photo Booth

I defined the overall user experience, led design & development of an end-to-end photo booth experience to provide premium in-room consumer engagement for Red Bull events around the world.

UX & UI Design Lead, Creative Direction

Blend In or Stand Out

Blend In or Stand Out

The photo booth can be housed within any custom cabinet design, allowing it to be branded in a variety of ways and feel appropriate in any environment, or a sleek, modern unbranded photo booth with white halo and blue LED lighting is also available.

A Fun, Guided Experience

A Fun, Guided Experience

The Photo Booth app runs on an iPad housed inside the physical booth, so the touchscreen UI should already feel very familiar to users. The app welcomes passersby into the experience, displaying messages to "Step right up!" or "Come closer!" when it senses someone in proximity of the booth. The app then displays messages like "One more time!" and "Lookin' good!" to coach users through the 4-step process and claim their photos.

Customizable Templates via Admin Tools

Customizable Templates via Admin Tools

The app has an administrative mode that allows individual events to be set up using standard predefined templates and photo booth UI, or create a custom template and interface using event-specific artwork, typography, colors, branding and photo effects.