Mark Pipher
Creative Director / Product UI / UX


As Associate Creative Director at BLITZ, I lead the UX & UI design for a responsive website that showcased VIZIO's new product lineup being revealed at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in 2014. The site featured beautiful motion graphics, stunning product photography and parallax scrolling, generating significant excitement & buzz while providing a wealth of info for the press, attendees, & consumers.

UX & UI Design, Creative Direction

From Budget to Big Time

From Budget to Big Time

Our objective was to reposition VIZIO as a higher-end consumer brand focused on design, quality and innovation. To achieve this, we established a new style and visual direction for the overall brand, covering everything from color palettes and typefaces to photography and iconography. We also defined a new style for product photography that showcased the modern industrial design and attention to detail in the new product line by establishing shots, angles, environments and lighting in Keyshot.

Beyond Features & Specifications

Beyond Features & Specifications

To reposition VIZIO as an innovator in industrial design and technology, we thought beyond the typical dizzying lists of specs and features. The product pages highlighted VIZIO's new design philosophy and focused on areas of innovation that pushed the brand beyond competitors like Sony and Samsung.

Icons with Style & Function

Icons with Style & Function

Highly simplified icons were created to represent each of the products in the new lineup being announced at CES. These icons were used as navigation overlaying a video loop that tied in with VIZIO's "Beautifully Simple" campaign. The navigation menu allowed visitors to quickly access detail pages for each product, and gave the site a sleek, modern look and feel.